What we do

Black Hole Bunker is focused on providing products and solutions in the accidental Black Hole creation from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. We can’t stop the scientists at CERN from starting up the Large Hadron Collider but we can certainly protect you from the expected anomalies its going to create. We guarantee to ship our products to arrive as soon as possible* to protect you from the”collision event” or any subsequent experiment failures. If you’re not sure the LHC will cause inevitable doom of the universe, have a look at our info page.
(*pending stock availability)

In simple terms, a ‘Black Hole’ is a point in space that has a lot of mass and so has a lot of gravity. If you have something with a lot of gravity, it’s going to pull other bits of whatever is around it into it, giving it a larger mass and gravitational pull. Mass does not equal physical size, a black hole could be generated at a very small-scale, like at the end of the large particle collider. CERN intend to generate black holes shortly, Protect yourselves!

Also we are selling new merchandise!

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