Welcome to Black Hole Bunker, where we acknowledge the uncertainties surrounding the upcoming collision experiments at the CERN Large Hadron Collider and other projects. While the precise outcomes remain a mystery (although we have a well-founded understanding), one thing is abundantly clear: people desire protection from the undoubtedly hazardous consequences that may ensue. It is our mission to equip you, the astute consumer, with the necessary tools to navigate the highly probable cosmic and gravitational anomalies that lie ahead.

Our product lineup comprises two exceptional offerings that have garnered widespread acclaim: Personal Cosmic Anomaly Field Containment Generators (PCACFGs) and the renowned Black Hole Bunker.

Our first product, the Personal Cosmic Anomaly Field Containment Generator, or PCACFG for short, is meticulously designed to merge functionality with fashion. No longer will you feel ostentatious at social gatherings while donning this cutting-edge accessory. Whether you are hosting an elegant soirée or defending yourself against roaming gravitational anomalies, our PCACFGs strike the perfect balance. They are portable enough to be conveniently carried at your hip yet possess enough power to effectively contain most small-sized anomalies. Discover more about them here.


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Another prominent member of our product family is the Original Total Gravitational Anomalous Event Bunker, affectionately known as the “Black Hole Bunker.” This robust structure is tailored for scenarios that entail larger catastrophes, such as the potential demise of our planet and beyond. Our bunkers are impeccably engineered and hermetically sealed to ensure unmatched security. Even we cannot gain access once they are sealed—a testament to their impenetrability. Rather than embarking on a conventional family trip to Disneyland, consider investing in the safety of your loved ones. Our bunkers not only shield them but also offer a remarkable vantage point from which to witness the universe’s imminent transformation. As you peer through the bunker’s windows, you will witness the planet’s mass being inexorably drawn toward what was once Geneva, now transformed into an awe-inspiring event horizon. Subsequently, as the last surviving beings in the universe, you will witness the enthralling spectacle of everything else succumbing to the event horizon. Our technicians advise us that this mesmerizing phenomenon may appear to unfold slowly due to the perceived time dilation near the black hole’s event horizon. To accommodate this, our bunkers are equipped to provide full life support for up to three weeks—a duration we anticipate will satisfy even the most intrepid observers.

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Embrace the future with Black Hole Bunker, your trusted partner in navigating the uncharted territories of cosmic anomalies and gravitational upheavals.

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