Here at Black Hole Bunker, we don’t know what’s going to happen on October 21 when the CERN LHC starts collision experiments (although we have a pretty good idea) We do know that people want to be protected from its obviously hazardous outcomes. We aim to provide you, the smart consumer with the tools he or she needs to survive in the highly probable ensuing cosmic and gravitational anomaly ridden outcome. Our two most popular products are PCACFG’s (Personal Cosmic Anomaly Containment Field Generators) and the now famous Black Hold Bunker.

the PCACFG unit in action!Our two primary product lines are Personal Cosmic Anomaly Field Containment Generators and Total Gravitational Anomalous Event Bunkers. Our PCACFGs are designed to be fashionable so you won’t feel gaudy when at your next social event, whether it be entertaining guests or defending your person from roaming gravitational anomalies. Portable enough to be carried at the hip and still powerful enough to contain most small-sized anomalies.Check them out here

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The Original Total Gravitational Anomalous Event Bunkers, aka “Black Hole Bunker” is more for the potential of a larger catastrophe personal bunker testing such as the end of the planet or more. Our bunkers are so well designed and hermetically sealed that even we can’t get in them,but im sure you could. Instead of a family trip to Disneyland, why not invest in the safety of you and your closest family or friends. Protecting them and providing a viewpoint to the end of the universe as we know it. the view from inside will be far more spectacular than the most amazing rollercoaster, as you watch the mass of the planet being drawn towards what used to Geneva but is now becoming more of an event horizon. Then, as the last living beings in the universe, you can watch the rest of it also fall through the event horizon. Our technicians advise us that this may appear to take some time as time appears to slow closing in on the event horizon of the black hole, so we have designed our bunkers to be fully life supporting for up to 3 weeks, which we figure would be about as long as you would want to watch it anyway.

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