On this page, we have compiled a selection of emails from some of our cherished customers who have expressed their utmost satisfaction with our products and services. These testimonials serve as a testament to the unwavering dedication we have towards ensuring customer happiness. We take great pride in delivering exceptional experiences and providing top-notch solutions to protect individuals and their loved ones from the potential perils associated with cosmic anomalies and gravitational disturbances. The following customer emails exemplify the diverse range of individuals who have found solace, security, and even a touch of luxury in our innovative offerings. Rest assured that the happiness and safety of our customers remain at the forefront of our mission at BlackHoleBunker.com.

Robert the suit wearing beach dwelling happy customer of his ark sized black hole bunker
Robert X = Happy Customer since 2006

“I am absolutely enamored with my First Edition Ark Sized Black Hole Bunker from BlackHoleBunker.com. Not only does it instill a profound sense of safety within the confines of my own home, but it also provides an exquisite retreat where I can escape the demands of daily life. Whenever my mom insists I tackle household chores like washing the dishes, I find solace within the confines of my bunker. The tranquility and relaxation it offers are truly unparalleled. If only I could transport this marvel to the idyllic shores of my favorite beach, where I love to unwind in my stylish attire. BlackHoleBunker.com, you have truly transformed my perception of personal security. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to your exceptional team! I really love my Ark Sized Black Hole Bunker, It makes me feel safe in my own home again. I can also use it to get away from it all and chill out when my mom wants me to wash the dishes 🙂 I just wish I could take it to the beach because that is where I hang out; In my suit.

Thank you BlackHoleBunker.com!”


Nicolette Stravarious - Happy customer since 2018
Nicolette Stravarious – Happy customer since 2018

“I find the soft curves of my Portable Cosmic Anomaly Containment Field Generation Device simply divine. For a lady of my stature its important I look exquisite and luxurious while still remaining safe from any nasties the LHC may be simmering up. I have purchased one in every col

The elegant contours of my Portable Cosmic Anomaly Containment Field Generation Device are truly divine. As a woman of discerning taste and stature, it is paramount that I exude both exquisite style and utmost safety, shielding myself from any potential hazards brewing within the labyrinthine depths of the Large Hadron Collider. With an unwavering commitment to sophistication, I have adorned myself with devices in every captivating hue, enabling me to accessorize flawlessly whether attending prestigious charity fundraisers for the benefit of underprivileged children or relishing fine dining experiences within the opulent confines of my sprawling mansion. Please be aware that my affluence may surpass your expectations. Deepest gratitude to the entire Black Hole Bunker team for crafting such a remarkable fusion of elegance and security that perfectly complements my esteemed lifestyle.

or so I can accessorize whether I am at a charity fundraiser for kids of somethingerather or dinner in my luxiourious mansion, ps I am very likely richer than you. Thank you Black Hole Bunker.”


Catalina Koiher, and Eviticus - Happy customer since 2022
Catalina Koiher, and Eviticus – Happy customer since 2022

” In the humble abode I call home, a remarkable feline phenomenon has unfolded. As I write this, 32 majestic cats roam freely within the confines of my sanctuary. Can you fathom such feline abundance? Alas, your fingers may struggle to count so high, limited as they are to a mere tally of ten. Allow me to introduce you to the regal personalities that grace my humble abode—Max, Misty, Princess, Samantha, Lucy, Missy, Molly, Sophie, Pumpkin, Midnight, Shadow, Ebony, and Licorice. Admittedly, this list encompasses only thirteen of my feline companions, but fret not! I shall promptly send you the remaining names, accompanied by an elaborate ancestry.com family tree and cherished photographs, in a separate email.
However, a peculiar situation has arisen, concerning a certain Eviticus who seems to have vanished without a trace. Could it be that Sophie, in her pursuit of dominance, led poor Eviticus astray, expelling her into the vast expanse of the yard? Do enlighten me if perchance you have encountered the elusive Eviticus. The suspense lingers, and I yearn for resolution.
In my pursuit of feline welfare, I embarked on a remarkable endeavor—I procured not one, but thirty-two Personal Cat Containment devices. A kind gentleman, dispatched by your esteemed organization, assured me that these ingenious contrivances would bring unparalleled happiness to my cherished feline companions. I eagerly await the arrival of these devices, eager to witness the delight they shall bring. Heartfelt thanks to Bahargable, and the entire team at Black Hole Bunker, for enabling this extraordinary endeavor!

Thanks, Bahargable? I think!

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